Lanaco protects Olympic athletes with wool face masks

We are proud of our industry friends, Lanaco in achieving the provision of their wool face masks to the Olympics team. WoolWorks purchased some of the Lanaco wool face masks at the height of the Covid pandemic last year, and we have found them to be a great product.  Lanaco also provide company branding for […]

Woolpack Information

In April 2021 we made the difficult decision that from 1 July 2021, we would no longer accept wool contained in Econopack wool packs into our scours. We made this decision because of issues we had been experiencing with the performance of the Econopack wool packs arriving in our scours. You can read our formal […]

Art Musketeers

Last Friday, New Zealand Woolscourers’ Timaru site was proud to host visitors from Art Musketeers. We were contacted by Alicia Hall of Dunedin via our website to enquire about the cost of scouring wool, suggesting its use as an art material may be beneficial for the initiative “Art Musketeers”, launched in December 2020. Art Musketeers […]

Thanks! Bales4Blair Update

Following the call for farmers to donate wool to #Bales4Blair in support of the Southland Charity Hospital, Amy Blaikie visited WoolWorks New Zealand’s Canterbury site last week, to watch the donated wool be washed. The initiative was a resounding success, with many generous farmers donating bales for the cause.  More wool than was needed was […]

Naturally Direct

Two of our Canterbury Woolscourers team, Struan Hulme (left) and Emily Shields (far right), along with Philippa Cameron (centre) – photo courtesy of Farmers Weekly, retrieved from website 3/12/20 New Zealand Woolscourers wish to congratulate Philippa Cameron of Otematata Station for her initiative in taking wool directly from the farm gate through to knitting […]

Site visits to provide Education

At New Zealand Woolscouring, we appreciate the opportunity to educate people about the amazing benefits of New Zealand wool and New Zealand woolgrease. Earlier this month, we were privileged to host a visit from Timaru Girls High School at our Canterbury Woolscourers site, as well as Canterbury Spinners Limited and Laurie Boniface from Southern Institute […]


You may recall Amy Blaikie as the woman who began a petition that was later lodged at parliament to use wool carpet and wool products in all Government tenders and Kiwibuild housing. Along with others, she has been instrumental in another campaign to have farmers donate bales of wool ex farm to be made into […]

Sleep and Wool

If your sleep is lacking in quality or quantity, your health will be impacted. Consider wool for a better night’s sleep.  IWTO’s article, in the link below, details how wool can improve your sleep. IWTO-Wool-Sleep2.pdf

Supporting NZ Industry

New Zealand Woolscouring supports wool in all of its forms and uses and we appreciate the support of others, such as Amy Blaikie, who has created a petition for New Zealand wool to be used to produce carpet and insulation that will be used in all public funded buildings and Kiwi Build homes. The petition […]