New Zealand Wool Benefits

New Zealand Sheep

The quality of New Zealand wool begins with healthy sheep. All New Zealand sheep are free range animals eating a diet of fresh grass and other plants. New Zealand is a world leader in farming and wool harvesting. Wool is removed from sheep through shearing, which doesn’t harm the animal in any way. Sheep need regular shearing for good health.

Wool is biodegradable

As a natural fibre, wool will decompose in the ground or if it gets into waterways or the ocean. Unlike plastics, which can take a very long time to break down, wool will break down in a handful of years, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

Wool versus plastic

Wool had a decline in popularity with the mass availability and use of plastics. However, since there has been a growing awareness of the harmful impact of plastic on the environment, wool is becoming popular again. Wool also has superior properties for comfort and durability compared to most synthetic fibres.

Wool makes incredible clothing

Wool is an amazing fibre for clothing, which is why sheep wear it exclusively. It offers incredible weather protection throughout the year, with superior benefits to synthetic fibres or cotton. Wool keeps you warm even when it’s wet. It’s breathable, allowing your body to naturally regulate its temperature in the heat or cold. It has the ability to absorb moisture from your body, allowing it to evaporate into the air. This is called wicking. Wool also offers very high UV protection.

Wool is a natural, renewable resource

A sheep grows a new fleece every year. Once it has been harvested and scoured, we obtain a high quality, natural product which can be used in many different ways. A byproduct of the scouring process is the production of sheep grease, which also has many uses and beneficial properties.


Wool fibre is a safe, natural insulator

Wool is a natural fire retardant. It’s very difficult to make wool burn. If wool does catch fire, it will burn very slowly and naturally extinguish when the source of the fire is removed. This makes wool carpets and wool insulation a smart choice in the home. Not only are you adding all the benefits of wool to the heat and comfort of your home, it adds a layer of safety in the event of a fire.

Wool is strong and durable

Wool fibre is like a spring. If it gets bent, it will return to its original shape. This makes wool clothing wrinkle resistant and is the reason why woollen clothing is very durable. As a product for manufacturing quality textiles and furnishings, wool is unbeatable with its numerous beneficial properties.

We’re only just beginning to uncover all the amazing benefits of wool. Take a look at our blog if you’d like to learn more about this wonderful, natural product.