Our Story

The World’s Largest Wool
Processing Facility

Our story began in October 2000, when Cavalier Corporation purchased a shareholding of Hawke’s Bay Woolscourers from David Ferrier. From that time forward, the company embarked on a long-term expansion program, with the vision to transform our wool processing facility into a state of the art, sustainable and environmentally friendly operation.
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Our wool scouring process uses continuous reused and recycled water, with reduced power consumption. We recycle all waste, making reusable products wherever possible. This move towards sustainability demonstrates that companies can operate in an environmentally friendly way without compromising product quality. We still produce the brightest, cleanest wool from happy New Zealand sheep.

As a result of several mergers, our company is now the sole service provider for wool scouring in New Zealand and operates the largest wool scouring facility in the world.

WoolWorks is owned by Mr David Ferrier 50% and Tanarra Capital Partners holds the other 50% shareholding. Both parties have been prolific in the wool industry for many years. To mark the transformation to becoming the sole service provider in New Zealand, the company rebranded and is now known as Woolworks.

Our History