The Wool Blog

We love wool. Our blog is dedicated to this wonderful, natural and sustainable product that comes from healthy New Zealand sheep. Take a tour to find out more about wool, wool science, how wool is used and why it’s such a wonderful product

Science and sustainability

Our science and research team are looking into all the wonderful ways wool can help us lead a more sustainable existence. We’re looking forward to making announcements as they come to hand.

New Zealand wool products

Discover many of the amazing products manufacturers are making from New Zealand wool. From clothing to textiles to furniture and so much more, wool is very versatile and is now being used in many different ways.

Why wool is wonderful

Find out everything you wanted to know about wool and its incredible properties as a natural product. This remarkable fibre is proving to have huge benefits in our daily life.

News and events

Catch up with all the latest news and events about wool and the wool industry here. Wool is having a resurgence, becoming a very popular product. Find out more as news comes to hand.