Why Wool is Wonderful

Wonderful Wool Fibre

There’s so much more to wool fibre than a few yarns about knitting socks. Visit us to find out more about the incredible properties and benefits of wool fibre and wool grease. Not only is wool a natural, sustainable product that can be harvested without harming sheep, we’re discovering it has a huge range of uses and benefits in our daily life.

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Art Musketeers

Last Friday, New Zealand Woolscourers’ Timaru site was proud to host visitors from Art Musketeers. We were contacted by Alicia Hall of Dunedin via our

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Naturally Direct

Two of our Canterbury Woolscourers team, Struan Hulme (left) and Emily Shields (far right), along with Philippa Cameron (centre) – photo courtesy of Farmers Weekly,

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Sleep and Wool

If your sleep is lacking in quality or quantity, your health will be impacted. Consider wool for a better night’s sleep.  IWTO’s article, in the

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