Art Musketeers

Last Friday, New Zealand Woolscourers’ Timaru site was proud to host visitors from Art Musketeers.

We were contacted by Alicia Hall of Dunedin via our website to enquire about the cost of scouring wool, suggesting its use as an art material may be beneficial for the initiative “Art Musketeers”, launched in December 2020.

Art Musketeers is a book about the use of art in helping a young boy deal with sadness, and is based on true events.  From the website:  “Art Musketeers is about Artmaking for young children to develop life skills; confidence, expression, and resilience.”

New Zealand Woolscouring applauds initiatives such as these, and we showed our support by providing scouring free of charge for the farm bales provided by Alicia and Douglas, as well as inviting them to view the scouring process on site.    

Wool is increasingly being used in art, as part of paintings, or art installations, as well as being made into Christmas decorations and felted products. 

It is great to see people of New Zealand using this wonderful fibre in more and more creative and innovative ways. 

For more details on Art Musketeers, click on the below link.

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