Thanks! Bales4Blair Update

Following the call for farmers to donate wool to #Bales4Blair in support of the Southland Charity Hospital, Amy Blaikie visited WoolWorks New Zealand’s Canterbury site last week, to watch the donated wool be washed.

The initiative was a resounding success, with many generous farmers donating bales for the cause.  More wool than was needed was provided, which meant that excess wool was on-sold to Godfrey Hirst, with the proceeds being donated to the Southland Charity Hospital trust for further development of the hospital. 

Farmers Weekly covered this visit in their publication:

Otago Daily Times also covered the story:

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We want to thank everyone who helped with the processing of this wool, including the amazing Amy Blaikie, Brooke Cameron and Sarah Dooley, as well as our great team at Canterbury Woolscourers.

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