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Two of our Canterbury Woolscourers team, Struan Hulme (left) and Emily Shields (far right), along with Philippa Cameron (centre) – photo courtesy of Farmers Weekly, retrieved from website 3/12/20

New Zealand Woolscourers wish to congratulate Philippa Cameron of Otematata Station for her initiative in taking wool directly from the farm gate through to knitting yarn.  We were proud to partner with her to wash her wool directly to add value to the product and enable it to be turned into yarn.

We have become aware of a number of initiatives that are being taken to promote the use of New Zealand Wool and find new uses for this amazing product, and we will support any farmer who wishes to scour wool directly with us, at either our North Island, or South Island site.

For more information on scouring with us, please contact us via the Contact portal on this website.

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