Lanaco protects Olympic athletes with wool face masks

We are proud of our industry friends, Lanaco in achieving the provision of their wool face masks to the Olympics team.

WoolWorks purchased some of the Lanaco wool face masks at the height of the Covid pandemic last year, and we have found them to be a great product.  Lanaco also provide company branding for these, which is a great way to support New Zealand wool and promote your company.

Follow the link to read the article on Lanaco supplying the masks for the Olympic athletes, click here:  Business Scoop » Kiwi-made Masks Keeping Our Elite Athletes At Olympic Games Safe.

Kiwi Olympians sporting wool-based facemasks |

To go to Lanaco’s website, please click here:  Homepage – Lanaco Natural Material Breathable Filters

or to purchase the wool masks:

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