Louise Winhall

1st December 2020

At New Zealand Woolscouring, we appreciate the opportunity to educate people about the amazing benefits of New Zealand wool and New Zealand woolgrease.

Earlier this month, we were privileged to host a visit from Timaru Girls High School at our Canterbury Woolscourers site, as well as Canterbury Spinners Limited and Laurie Boniface from Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) who was teaching a practical session as part of the Wool Handling Course that some of our staff are undertaking.

Last week, we hosted Growing New Zealand’s Teachers Only Day at our Awatoto site and introduced the process of woolscouring to these visitors.

Educating teachers about our industry and the career opportunities available provides them with information that can be passed on to students who are choosing their future career paths.  This is positive for job-seekers and for our industry as we can foster student’s growth through cadetships and work experience.

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