Storeman –> Trainee Woolscour Manager WoolWorks South Island

Starting at Mulcahy Wools during his school holidays and following in the footsteps of his father and
great‐grandfather, Mitchell Young hadn’t intended on a career in the wool industry.

Following studying at Otago University and completing a BCom with a major in Management,
Mitchell found himself hooked on the wool industry, and the potential it provided. He joined
WoolWorks’ Timaru site as a storeman in 2015 and quickly proved a good understanding of the
characteristics of wool and logistics processes.

In 2018, Mitchell began a new role as the Canterbury Woolscourers’ Shipping Co‐ordinator and
continued learning about the business, the wool industry, and the logistics landscape.

Now in his 11th year in the wool industry, Mitchell has recently been promoted to Trainee Scour
Manager, and has been a great support to the business. We look forward to many good things
coming from Mitchell going forward, as he looks forward to many more years in the wool industry.
In addition to his contributions to the WoolWorks South Island Management team, Mitchell
continues a family legacy, doing his father and great‐grandfather proud by working in the wool
industry. He is passionate about ensuring that the wool industry remains strong so his twin sons
have the ability to choose natural wool products for years to come.

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