Storeman –> Logistics Manager WoolWorks North Island

Aaron Spooner started with WoolWorks in 2013.   

His career began in the store, unloading greasy wool bales from trucks, arranging bales for our sorting department to process, and loading container trucks.  The storeman role incorporated some computer work and logistics skills.   

Aaron quickly learned the scouring process, as well as our store processes and worked in multiple departments onsite.  As his knowledge within the company grew, he was able to provide cover for the Shipping Officer, the Store Manager and the Shipping Manager’s roles, learning more about the business throughout this time.   

When WoolWorks took on a third-party industry logistics operation, Aaron was seconded to this operation, which was run on a separate site, and managed this in sometimes a sole charge role, or with a small team. 

When our Shipping Manager was due to retire, Aaron was the logical choice to succeed him, and he accepted this promotion and his new role of Logistics Manager within our company.   

Aaron’s progression was over the course of 8 years and he completed on-the-job learning, as well as upskilling with the Certificate in Wool course, delivered extramurally by Laurie Boniface (via Massey University at the time). 

Aaron’s success story of progression is one that we hope is repeated, as we seek to create succession plans for our key roles, and introduce new people to the traditional, yet innovative, wool industry.  

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