New Zealand Wool Classers Association North Island Industry Day

The North Island New Zealand Wool Classers Association Industry Day was held this year on the 11th of October in Napier.

The day was comprised of wool exercises and presentations by Woolchemy, Wool Impact, Campaign for Wool, and Wool tutor, Richard Gavigan.  The presentations covered the roles and objectives of the recently formed Wool Impact,                                                                                             details around the Q course and the relevance to industry, and update from the Campaign for Wool, among others.

WoolWorks were invited to present at this industry day, and we took the opportunity to highlight the concerns about contamination in the New Zealand wool clip, the rising incidence of contamination, and some recommendations on how to manage this as an industry.

Andy Coleman presented on behalf of WoolWorks, as captured by Sonya Johansen of the New Zealand Wool Classers Association in the photos.

We appreciate the attendance of Wool Classers from the North Island to this important event, as well as the hard work that the New Zealand Wool Classers Association put in to these Industry Days.

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